How to save up to 500 USD on your car loan?

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How much can you save by comparing loans?

How much can you save by comparing loans?

Until today you can take out a car loan at a reasonable price.

Those looking for a new car usually wait at the motor show to pick up a bargain. The private lender will also come across the bridge with favorable rates for a car loan. But even outside the event, it is still advantageous to take out a car loan.

Due to the low-interest rates and the fierce competition between lenders, it remains relatively cheap to take out a car loan today. For example, the institution Credit recently lowered the interest on a car loan from 1.79 to 1.39 percent. The private lender thus joins the list of lenders that lowers interest rates below 1.5 percent.

Cheapest players

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Although there are a number of players who come up with even cheaper rates. The private lender traditionally remains the cheapest player on the market. During the motor show, private lender launches the best rates on the market, but also outside of the car season, private lender leaves the competition behind.

Who today concludes a car loan with a private lender pays 1.29 percent interest. That is 1 basis point cheaper than Retail banking company.

The other three major private lender ovens complete the top three, each with an interest rate of 1.35 percent. That’s a pretty big difference with the more expensive players on the market. For example, a private lender, the most expensive player in our comparison, demands an interest rate of 2.5 percent. View all car loans on the market here.

Price difference car loan

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But how much can you save exactly by choosing the cheapest player? A study by private lender shows that last year the Belgian borrowed an average of 16,702 dollars for a car. He opted for a reimbursement period of 54 months.

For our comparison, we assume a situation close to that of 2016. Suppose you borrow 15,000 dollars today and repay that amount within 60 months, you pay 258.23 dollars a month at the private lender. At the end of the ride, the private lender raises 493.80 dollars in interest. That is 5 dollars less than what private lender would earn from that loan.

Anyone who takes out the same loan with a private lender sees the price tag of his car financing tightly. You pay 266.02 dollars a month at that private lender. At first glance, a negligible difference compared to private lenders.

But if we look at the interest, we see that the private lender has earned 961.20 dollars from the car loan after 60 months. That is 467.4 dollars more than the other private lender gets.

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