Credit without Credible Lender Information from abroad is repeatedly described in the media as “hot iron”. The media are right when borrowers rely on advertising and do not inform themselves properly.

We don’t want to lead you onto black ice. Our credit advisor for loans without Credible Lender from a foreign bank only gives sober facts at first hand. Please take the time to read.

If you are qualified for lending without Credible Lender information, we do not promise a loan. – But a serious credit opportunity, without tricks, back doors or traps.

Credit without Credible Lender information – critically question media reports

Credit without Credible Lender information - critically question media reports

Media like to tear up legal Credible Lender-free financing from abroad in the air. A nice example comes from focus from mid-May 2016. Real information, for example about the veracity of advertising, is mixed with completely outdated information. Reference is made (as usual) to a study from 2007.

A rough misinformation is the mentioned interest rate of 20 percent for the loan without Credible Lender information. On the day of the publication of the article, 3,500 USD of legal credit without Credible Lender cost 11.15 percent APR. It is not cheap, but it is still cheaper than some dispositions. For example, Savings Bank charges 14.90 percent interest for the tolerated overdraft.

Typical for “warning” articles is the reference to three ominous credit providers from Switzerland. With a little interest in objectivity, authors would have easily discovered that the last of these providers has stopped lending to Germans.

Credit without Credible Lender – real risks

Credit without Credible Lender - real risks

The risk of applying for a loan from a foreign bank without Credible Lender information is actually to be believed in the intermediary advertising. Credit without Credible Lender is not a mass commodity, but a handpicked credit opportunity for a few who can afford their credit. The individual case is checked. If a borrower cannot fully meet one of the criteria, he will not get a loan.

Only people with a secure job that is subject to social security contributions have the prospect of a credit approval. The permanent employment contract must have existed for at least 12 months (3,500 USD credit) or 36 months (5,000 USD without Credible Lender). There must be no garnishment of wages or an entry in the public debtor register. (District Court).

A legal loan without Credible Lender information is not offered if the borrower is over-indebted. The bank only allows pre-debts within a tolerable range of income. The borrower must also be healthy and fully capable of working. The minimum income for lending is based on the seizure allowance and the individual dependent.

Income required to lend:

Proof of income must be well above the seizure allowance. The standard for net earnings without maintenance obligations is at least 1,130 USD. (3,500 USD loan). At 5,000 USD, a minimum of 1,600 USD net income – without maintenance obligations – would be required. A family with two children and a single earner shows how well people have to earn.

Credit without Credible Lender information in the amount of 3,500 USD with three dependent persons requires a net income of 2,130 USD per month. In the variant with 5,000 USD, it would be 2,550 USD net income.

Who grants the loan – what is the bank’s promise?

Who grants the loan - what is the bank

All our really intensive research always leads to a foreign bank for legal bank loans without Credible Lender. This bank seems to be the only one that has been able to overcome all the hurdles for lending to Germans free of Credible Lender.

In stark contrast to many brokerage deals, the bank promises only two things. She promises to check a loan without Credible Lender information. The second promise is not to report an approved and properly serviced loan to Credible Lender.

When asked about fast credit, the bank’s answer is:

“It is checked by hand. We work as quickly as possible. Credit applications are checked in the order in which we receive them ”. When asked about special conditions through certain intermediaries, such as urgent applications, the answer was “as the requests are received. There are no special treatments ”.

We do not want to hide from the fact that theoretically a legal loan without Credible Lender in any amount from the private sector would be conceivable. But the idea that a private individual takes such a high credit risk is, to put it mildly, abstruse. Unless he could credit in the smallest installments.

Credible Lender entry marked as done – then why without Credible Lender?

Credible Lender entry marked as done - then why without Credible Lender?

If you can really afford your loan in accordance with the requirements of the foreign bank, you don’t have to go far. The prerequisite is that the Credible Lender entry has been marked as completed. The credit portals Best Lender and Great Bank are recognized as serious by associations (e.g. DIW Berlin) and the media.

Instead of credit without Credible Lender information from abroad, despite Credible Lender a loan could be applied for seriously online. We recommend applying for a loan on Best Lender, as the portal offers both serious personal and bank loans.

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